At Least Ten Shot in Downtown Minneapolis; Reports of One Hundred Brawling With Weapons

A wave of violence appears to have swept over downtown Minneapolis, with reports of a mass shooting in which at least ten people were shot emerging from the city early Sunday morning.

Eyewitness accounts claim that either seven or eight individuals were shot at the intersection of Lagoon and Hennepin Ave. A livestream at the scene from a local Christian pastor and peace activist showed mayhem at the scene, with community members applying improvised medical assistance to the shooting victims while waiting for ambulances to arrive.

Kay Wilson tells a 911 dispatcher that multiple ambulances will be required to treat the wounded on his Facebook livestream.

Wilson describes the shooting. “This is not the place to be… We all had to duck and run for cover. When the shots rang out, I could hear the bullets whistling past my head… To God be the glory I didn’t get hit, for some young people got hit out here tonight.

A report on a community app claims that a hundred people were seen fighting one another with various melee weapons near the scene of the shooting, in a possibly related incident.

Another report on the same app suggests that police, who still exist in the city despite the Minneapolis City Council announcing their intent to abolish the city’s police department, are currently pursuing a suspect, who has been identified as a black male.

As Minneapolis reels from a series of race riots that have damaged more than seven hundred buildings in the community, it appears the community is unfortunately facing the tragedy of a mass shooting.


The Minneapolis Police have announced that ten people are being treated for gunshot wounds at area hospitals as a result of the mass shooting.

Supposed “protestors” had been performing aggressive maneuvers in cars before the mass brawl began.