At Least Two Shot, Both Seriously Injured After Kenosha Riots Turn Deadly

Two men have been shot in looting and rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Wednesday night, with one man shot in the head and the other incurring a serious gunshot wound to his arm.

The first victim was shot following a looting confrontation at a business. (Warning: Graphic content.)

Earlier video purportedly shows the man who was shot in the head taunting armed militia members and challenging them to shoot him.

Looters had been aggressively attacking and stealing from Kenosha auto shops and businesses before the deadly gunfire broke out.

Another shooting occurred when a mob of rioters appeared to be chasing a gun carrying an AR-style rifle through the streets of Kenosha. The man trips, falling to the ground, and goes on to open fire on at least one individual who bum rushes him.

Later video of a shot individual revealed a serious gunshot wound to the arm.

Throughout videos documenting Tuesday’s riots, individuals can be seen running around carrying semiautomatic rifles. Some libertarian types were seen on camera stating that they supported the Black Lives Matter riots but opposed the looting, a contradiction in terms that may have explained the outbreak in violence.

Democrat Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers had denied an offer on the part of the federal government to send in the military in response to the dangerous and violent rioting occurring in the state following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a man who resisted arrest for a felony sexual assault warrant.

The violence almost certainly could’ve been prevented if not for the Democrat Governor’s foolish pride.

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