ATF Broadens Definition of Gun Dealer and Draws Closer to Imposing Universal Background Check System

On August 31, 2023, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), under the Biden regime’s dictates, published a new rule reclassifying who is a gun dealer, consequently expanding the background check system to encompass nearly all firearm sales in America.

No compromise organizations such as National Association for Gun Rights have long been fighting universal background checks (UBCs) since the Toomey-Manchin congressional battle of 2013 that came in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

“The ATF and Biden are playing definition games with U.S. Code as a means to ban the private transfer of firearms,” declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “The language of this proposed rule gives the government near universal authority to prosecute anyone who transfers a firearm.”

“Universal Gun Registration is the not so hidden agenda of the anti-gun crowd in D.C., and they don’t care how they get it,” added Brown. “Registration always leads to confiscation.”

NAGR is collecting petitions from its members and supporters to deliver to the ATF. These petitions have gun owners voicing their objections to the ATF’s 108-page regulation during its 90-day comment period.

“I’m not sure why the ATF has a 90-day comment period when the bureaucrats aren’t answerable to anyone and can make up the rules as they go along,” declared Brown. “We are mobilizing our members to fight yet another power grab by the ATF and we are exploring our legal options as well.”

The ATF can always be expected to engage in tyrannical behavior that seeks to eviscerate gun rights. That’s the nature of the bureaucratic beast. This agency is not normal. It’s very much a machine for destroying the Second Amendment and should ultimately be defunded and abolished in the long-term.

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