ATF Swamp Creatures are Working Behind the Scenes With the Biden Transition Team to Implement Gun Grabs

According to Jon Crump of AmmoLand, the ATF has been working with the Biden transition team to undermine the Second Amendment. 

Although Biden is being installed as president on January 20, 2021, the ATF has been working with the Biden team since November.

Back on November 10, 2020, Acting Director Regina Lombardo revealed in an ATF conference call that the Biden team was in contact with the ATF to figure out what the agency’s “top priorities” are.

Previously, there was controversy surrounding accessories such as pistol braces and if they qualified as short-barreled rifles in accordance with the National Firearms Act. The Department of Justice ended up telling the ATF’s industry division to not make any decisions on pistol braces until the agency clarified the regulations.

SB Tactical and other companies were working with the federal government to hammer out the regulations with regards to the pistol braces due to the subjectivity of the rules. In other words, the ATF reviewer has the sole discretion to determine if the accessory is legal. There is no uniform standard for classifying these accessories.

The ATF caused an uproar when it sent letters to various companies declaring that their pistol brace firearms were short-barrelled rifles (SBRs). One company, Q LLC, who is renowned for its Honey Badger AR pistol, published the cease and desist letter that the ATF sent it. Due to pressure from the Trump administration and angry gun owners, the agency backed away from their demands and issued a 60-day suspension of the cease and desist order.

Similarly, the ATF withdrew its guidance on pistol stabilizing braces back in late December, further demonstrating the power of grassroots outrage towards the ATF’s machinations. Gun owners must brace themselves for further encroachments during the Biden administration, because you can bet a pretty penny that he will be staffing the ATF with a bunch of anti-gun goons.

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