Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Biden Regime Over Title IX Rewrite

Towards the end of April, Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the Biden regime after it put forward a rewrite of Title IX. This measure sharply changed the rules designed to protect biological men in women’s athletic spaces. 

In early April, the Biden regime published a nearly 1,500-page rewrite of Title IX rules. For context, Title IX is the federal civil rights law that bans discriminatory measures based on sex in education.

The new version would tack on “gender identity” as a protected class. It would also compel schools to let biological males use female spaces. If a school refuses to abide by this, federal funding would subsequently be withheld. 

Under the Biden regime’s new regulation, the Department of Education is currently working to formally change the Code of Federal Regulations, which Paxton asserted “violates federal law, ignores the constitution, and denies women the protections Title IX was intended to afford them.”

Per the lawsuit, the new regulation also violates Texas’ sovereignty by “imposing substantial pressure on Texas to change its laws and policies.” 

It states that the federal rule clashes with policies established by Texas’ political subdivisions concerning sex-separated school bathrooms and locker rooms, pronoun usage in line with biological sex, school library materials and instructional resources.

“The Final Rule conflicts with each of the policies by treating them as unlawful sex discrimination and by requiring school districts to change their policies to promote gender fluidity to remain in compliance with the Final Rule,” the lawsuit stated. 

The lawsuit calls on the court to delay the effective date of the Final Rule and deem it as unlawful, proclaim that the Final Rule goes against Title IX and goes beyond the agency’s authority, and declare the Final Rule was not a product of rational decision-making. 

“Texas will not allow Joe Biden to rewrite Title IX at whim, destroying legal protections for women in furtherance of his radical obsession with gender ideology,” declared Paxton. “This attempt to subvert federal law is plainly illegal, undemocratic, and divorced from reality. Texas will always take the lead to oppose Biden’s extremist, destructive policies that put women at risk.”

Paxton is quickly becoming America’s AG due to how he is willing to take on the cultural Left’s schemes coming from the federal level by resisting the Biden regime and re-asserting Texas’ sovereignty on cultural matters.

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