Attorney: Neighbor ‘Lied About N-Word Taunt’ to Escape Murder Charges in Ahmaud Arbery Case

Gregory and Travis McMichael are fighting back after being hit with murder charges for attempting a citizens’ arrest of burglary suspect Ahmaud Arbery, which resulted in Arbery being shot after trying to steal a firearm.

The attorneys for the McMichaels are pointing out how the prosecutors are attempting to stack the deck against the two men. They allege that William ‘Roddie’ Bryan Jr, who was hit with murder charges for merely filming the incident, was bullied into claiming the McMichaels said the ‘N-word’ in order to get leniency.

“I think Roddie Bryan is incredibly motivated…to keep himself from becoming a murder defendant in a murder trial,” Travis’s attorney Jason Sheffield said to 48 Hours correspondent Omar Villafranca.

“It’s not just two white men out there, hunting down, trapping and executing a black man, as the prosecution characterized it,” said Frank Hogue, an attorney for Gregory. “That is not what happened.”

“This is a case about a good man who had to defend himself on February 23 when he was in a terrible situation,” said Bob Rubin, another attorney for Travis.

The attorneys are refusing to roll over to the mob and the false narrative of racism set by the fake news media. The McMichaels deserve a fair trial regardless of the color of their skin.

‘[Travis is] being attacked and overwhelmed by Ahmaud Arbery’s strength. And he has to either fire that gun or lose his life at that point,’ Rubin said to Villafranca.

“Why not let him run away and keep eyes on him from a distance… knowing that you’ve put this fear of God in this person if you think they have committed a crime?” Villafranca responded.

“I don’t know that Travis thought that he’d put the fear of God into this person. This person put the fear of God into Travis, based on the way that he was acting,” Rubin added.

Prosecutors are hoping to use private text messages and Facebook posts from the McMasters in order to paint them as racists to the jury so they can be two more scalps for the vicious anti-white mob that is at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Big League Politics has reported on Arbery’s history of police encounters and thuggish, belligerent behavior:

25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, who was shot to death after a struggle in February, has been painted by the fake news media as an innocent jogger who was hunted by racist white supremacists.

However, details are emerging that indicate Arbery had a long criminal history as video of his run-ins with law enforcement come to light.

Arbery can be seen in this video with three other individuals as they are apprehended by law enforcement for allegedly stealing a television from a Walmart.

Another video shows Arbery acting erratic and belligerent during an encounter police at a known drug spot inside a Georgia park.

Diversity is finishing off the rule of law. With a mass of people so easily manipulated by the media and filled with hatred toward white people, a nation cannot stand.

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