Audio: 911 Calls From Chicago Planned Parenthood on Botched Abortions


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A well-known abortion clinic in Chicago has dialed 911 six times since November 2017 due to botched abortions.

The two most recent cases, both occurring in July were caused by excessive bleeding post-abortion, according to Live Action.

Both women, in their 30’s, were taken to the hospital after Planned Parenthood called for emergency medical attention. On July 5, the abortionist attempted to control the bleeding with the use of a Foley Balloon Catheter. When that attempt failed, staff called for an ambulance. Then on July 27th, a similar instance occurred with staff calling 911 again. These botched abortions were preceded by four other incidences, all within the last 12 months.

Listen to the audio of the July 911 calls from Planned Parenthood:

It seems that Chicago is lacking medical doctors who know how to ‘properly’ perform abortions (if there is such a thing). At a second abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA), had two botched abortions within three days, according to a separate article from Live Action. The women experienced uterine bleeding and were rushed to the hospital after the clinic dialed 911 in March of this year.

Listen to audio of 911 call from FPA:

What is even more shocking than the apparent medical negligence occurring in Chicago, Illinois, is the fact that only 27 out of 50 states require that botched abortions or post-abortive complications be reported. According to the CDC’s list of state abortion reporting requirements, only 6 states have to tell patients if their baby is viable at the point of the abortion.

But the outrageous inspection laws don’t stop there. According to an article by Pro-Life Action League , it has been discovered that yet another abortion facility in Illinois is allowed to operate without proper licensure. It is unlikely that the Department of Public Health will be required to inspect any of the 20 statewide unlicensed abortion clinics because of the loopholes in the states regulations.

Why is it that Planned Parenthood is federally funded but not federally mandated to report botched abortions? Or not federally mandated to be inspected? The statistics on reporting regulations are appalling – with only 27 states required to report abortion complications, how many other Gosnell clinics could be out there? Abortion is not – and never will be – a safe procedure, regardless of what the pro-abortion side tries to push. Safe procedures don’t typically end in an trip to the emergency room.


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