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AUDIO: Broward County First Responders Made A Perimeter, Fumbled On Football Field While Shooter Was Still Active



Real-time audio from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Fire/Rescue dispatch confirms that law enforcement set up a perimeter outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while the school shooter was still active.

Fire and rescue workers employed by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel requested that the police department set up a “perimeter around the school” more than fifteen minutes before another dispatch announcement stated that “The shooter is not down.”

This information directly contradicts a new report in the Miami Herald — based on “a partial Broward County Sheriff’s Office dispatch log” — claiming that officers were told to make a perimeter around the school only AFTER the shooting had come to an end.

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“We’re going to break from training,” one senior responder said shortly after hearing about the shooting, before even arriving on the scene.

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Additionally, early Sheriff’s Office responders to the crime scene focused their attention on the football field area, where one confused officer said a wounded person “should be.” As time went by, responders struggled to figure out whether to go directly to the football field — all while the shooting took place inside, claiming lives. The sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson never went inside the building, and now claims that radio chatter about the “football field” confused him.

The information below is stunning and very important, so please read and listen to it carefully.

First, we present police-scanner audiotape obtained by Big League Politics, in which an officer asks if he is supposed to continue holding his perimeter point. The dispatcher replies, “Hold all perimeters.” This conversation took place before the suspect was taken into custody.

Now, we present audio from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Fire/Rescue dispatch,  courtesy of the Broadcastify database.

The audio confirms that fire and rescue responders decided to “break training” upon learning of the shooting. Fire and rescue responders told police to make a perimeter around the school more than fifteen minutes before it was announced that “the shooter is not down.”

Here are important highlights from the audio. Please read these quotes carefully before you listen to the audio. The full Fire/Rescue audiotape is at the bottom of this article.

55 Second Mark: The dispatcher reports an “Active shooter” at Marjory Douglas High School. Fire truck 42 starts heading toward the school and asks for truck 43 to be alerted.

1:19 Mark: A rescue official announces that “We’re going to break from training to take that call.” (It is unclear what “call” he is referring to).

6:00 Mark: After agreeing to set up at the football field, a responder states, “We’re trying to make our way to the football field but we’re blocked by buses and several police cars.”

9:10 Mark: A responder states, “Four to five patients, including a patient with a GSW (gunshot wound) to the thigh.”

“One patient with a GSW to the thigh. Location?” the dispatcher replies.

“That one should be at the football field. Four to five patients, one with a GSW to the thigh, leg.”

The dispatcher replies with a comment that is difficult to understand.

“That is where one location is located there. I’ll keep it out throughout the school,” the responder states.

The responder seems confused, and the dispatcher asks “Do you need help?” before a few inaudible moments.

(Note: Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson later defended himself for not entering the building, stating through his lawyer, “Radio transmissions indicated that there were a gunshot victim in the area of the football field.” Thus, Peterson claims he thought the shooter was outside.)

10:00 Mark: A new responder announces that a patient has been recovered, and the patient said “there are multiple people shot inside the building,” according to the responder.

10:30 Mark: A responder announces “This is gonna be a big event.”

He asks for someone to contact all area hospitals, anticipating a high number of patients.

11:15 Mark: “You can send these and rescues this way, um, but as I said to — our patients are reporting multiple,” a responder states, discouraging re-inforcements from coming to the football field.

“Understood,” another voice replies.

12:10 Mark: “I think we have access. Do you want us to head up to the football field?” asks one responder.

“Negative” says a responder at the scene, adding that resources should be devoted to setting up “on the west side of the building if we need to.”

(Note: By this point, radio chatter regarding the “football field” has made that location the primary focus of response efforts. These efforts, and precious time, have been wasted).

14:10 Mark: A responder states:

“We are getting multiple patients go out to the command post. Also, if anybody’s in contact with PD (Police Department) we’re going to need a perimeter around the school we have parents running in the building.”

(Note: This perimeter was requested more than 15 minutes before an announcement on the dispatch that the shooter was still “not down.” Over the next fifteen minutes of audio, first responders detail their efforts setting up a command center and response points in the perimeter outside the school.)

30:00 Mark: “The shooter is not down. The shooter is not down.”

Here is the full Fire/Rescue dispatch audio:

End of article.

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Dan Crenshaw White Knights for Liz Cheney After Republicans Blast Her Support for Trump’s Second Impeachment

Birds of a feather flock together.



Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, was one of ten GOP House members to vote “yes” on President Donald Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment. Then when some were calling on Cheney to resign over her disgraceful vote, Dan Crenshaw, who voted against impeachment, quickly came to her defense and announced his “full support” for her.

“Let’s get some truth on the record: @Liz_Cheney has a hell of a lot more backbone than most, & is a principled leader with a fierce intellect,” Crenshaw tweeted Wednesday afternoon. “She will continue to be a much needed leader in the conference, with my full support.”

“We can disagree without tearing each other apart,” he added.

Crenshaw himself was then roundly criticized in the replies to his tweet.

Cheney’s vote comes as no surprise. Big League Politics reported on her recent statement in support of Trump’s second impeachment, part of which read: “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution. I will vote to impeach the President.” For this CNN laughably called her the “conscience of Republicans.”

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As the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.” Dan Crenshaw and Liz Cheney most certainly do not represent the future of the GOP.

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