Auschwitz Museum Blasts Amazon Prime’s ‘Hunters’ as ‘Dangerous Foolishness’ That ‘Welcomes Future’ Holocaust Deniers

The Auschwitz Museum is blasting Hunters, a newly released show about vigilantes who hunt Nazis in America, as a dangerous and potentially anti-Semitic piece of propaganda.

The museum is concerned about the blatant falsehoods and inaccuracies that plague the show, which stars Al Pacino and can be seen on the streaming service Amazon Prime.

“Auschwitz was full of horrible pain & suffering documented in the accounts of survivors. Inventing a fake game of human chess for [Hunters] is not only dangerous foolishness & caricature. It also welcomes future deniers. We honor the victims by preserving factual accuracy,” the museum wrote in a tweet.

Furthermore, the Auschwitz Museum is taking aim at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for profiting off the sale of hate materials through his vast Big Tech corporate conglomerate.

“When you decide to make a profit on selling vicious antisemitic Nazi propaganda published without any critical comment or context, you need to remember that those words led not only to the [Holocaust] but also many other hate crimes motivated by [anti-Semitism],” they wrote in a Tweet.

Amazon responded to criticism from the Auschwitz Museum by claiming “we are mindful of book censorship throughout history, and we do not take this lightly. We believe that providing access to written speech is important, including books that some may find objectionable.”

The Auschwitz Museum was far from pleased with the PR platitudes from Bezos Inc.

The show Hunters is getting criticized from every angle, as leftists are angry that the show did not adequately connect Nazi Germany to modern-day America under President Trump.

Jake Kleinman of Inverse was frustrated that the show “never attempt[ed] to connect the show to the resurgence of white supremacy across the world today or the use of concentration camps by the Trump government to demean, torture, and dissuade immigrants at the Mexico-US border. That feels like a missed opportunity.”

This is despite the fact that the show creators clearly meant for the American Nazis depicted in the show to represent modern-day Trump supporters amidst a gratuitously violent revenge fantasy that could inspire ANTIFA-style violence.

“When David Weil first shared [the idea] with me, I immediately knew that we had to be involved,” said race-baiting Hollywood director Jordan Peele, who is a co-creator of the series.

“It’s cathartic. It’s noir. It’s frighteningly relevant. It’s exactly what I want to see on television. I am thrilled to be working with Amazon in bringing this incredible vision to the world,” he added.

Unfortunately for Peele, his efforts have backfired and left everyone frustrated with his show, which the Auschwitz Museum believes may enable Nazism with its many falsehoods, rather than combat the hateful ideology.

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