Austin City Member Wants To Turn City Into a Hub For Child Gender Mutilation

Towards the end of April, the City of Austin’s LGBTQ commission voted for a resolution to make the city a sanctuary for gender mutilative surgeries and chemical castration for children.

The city’s LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission unanimously voted for the recommendation to the Austin City Council to protect “transgender and sexual identity.”

“WHEREAS, City Council recognizes that families and healthcare providers in Austin are living in uncertainty and fear, and many are considering moving away or have already moved to other states to access medical care for their children or to be able to practice medicine freely in accordance with professional and ethical standards,” the resolution read. 

The resolution continued to note that “access to gender-affirming healthcare for youth is associated with better mental health outcomes and lower risks of suicide.” 

The resolution added that the city’s policy will be that no city personnel, funds, or resources will be used to investigate, criminally prosecute, or slap administrative penalties on gender-confused individuals looking at gender-mutilative procedures or an individual or organization trying to help the individual to obtain the procedures. 

On top of that, it highlights that “except to the extent required by law, City personnel shall not enforce laws of other jurisdictions that impose criminal punishment, civil liability, administrative penalties, or professional sanctions” on gender-confused individuals and other individuals trying to help them. 

In the 88th Regular Legislative Session, Texas elected officials passed Senate Bill 14, which banned gender mutilative procedures from being carried out on minors. 

Austin has gone downhill. It’s always been Texas’ most leftist major city, though it has taken a massive leftward turn in recent years thanks to the massive influx of leftist transplants and injection of woke capital into the city. 

At this point, the Texas state government will likely have to intervene in the state in order to set things straight. 

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