Austin Police Chief Celebrates ‘White Male’ Officers Becoming A Minority Among Graduating Cadets

Develon Douglas/Spectrum News

Austin, Texas police chief Joseph Chacon celebrated the fact that “White male” cadets will comprise a minority of the rookie cops graduating into the police force on Friday.

“When we graduate, we will still have more Hispanic, Black, Asian and female officers than we do White male officers that will be walking across the stage, so we’re very proud of that fact as well,” Chacon stated, referring to the 66 cadets who are graduating from the Austin police’s new diversity-focused training institute established in the aftermath of nationwide leftist racial grievance protests that burned throughout America in 2020.

Chacon’s statement illustrates the fact that many cops nowadays are nonwhite, and many of them are women. That does not line up with the leftist propaganda talking points that accuse police departments of being bastions of white supremacy. While those talking points might be useful to the left for riling people up in the streets, those talking points are simply not true.

Considering the rising number of leftist activist cops — like the cops who stood by and watched the race riots of 2020 without stopping them — it’s important to ask: What kind of future can dissident right-wingers hope to have in America? Cops worldwide are persecuting civilians in the age of Coronavirus tyranny. Who can forget the video footage of the mom getting tased and dragged out of her own son’s middle school football game for not wearing a mask in the outdoor bleachers?

Leftist society is becoming increasingly anti-white, as evidenced by Morgan Stanley banning heterosexual white men from applying for a college summer program opportunity, Stacey Abrams bragging about using the Census to strip white conservatives of political power in the South, and Washington Post hack Jennifer Rubin celebrating white population decline in the United States. This anti-white trend will only continue until more people dare to speak out about it in the public square.

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