Austin School District Green-Lights Planned Parenthood Connected Sex-Ed Curriculum

The Austin Independent School District recently approved a controversial sex-ed curriculum for third through eighth grades.

The College Fix reports that this curriculum allegedly has ties to Planned Parenthood.

On Tuesday, October 29, 2019, the school board unanimously voted for this new sex-ed curriculum, despite a Texas law that was passed last summer which bans government partnerships with an abortion provider.

According to KVUE reports, the board meeting started on Monday night at 7 p.m. However, the discussion dealing with the divisive curriculum didn’t start until 9:30.

Due to the high number of people who signed up to speak in front of the board, the curriculum’s took more than two hours and went into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Over 100 concerned parents stepped up to speak to the board about the curriculum they proposed. This curriculum includes role playing and games with the aim of getting students “comfortable talking about sexuality”. This includes graphic discussions of “coerced oral sex, promiscuity and drunk sex.”

“This curriculum violates multicultural family values within our community,” an unidentified woman said during the meeting in a KVUE video.

“Rallies outside the meeting got loud, with one person being taken into custody,” according to the KVUE report. “Both sides chanted slogans for and against the curriculum changes, with some complaining the other side was getting too rowdy and not allowing all voices to be heard.”

Parents are given the option to keep their children out of the curriculum, which they must arrange before March. The curriculum will go into effect in May.

Caryl Ayala, the director of Concerned Parents of Texas, told KVUE that the curriculum’s endgame is “to normalize these behaviors and to teach them to children so that they can feel OK with engaging in these behaviors.”

The Left is relentless in pushing its agenda of political correctness and social deviancy at all levels of society.

By introducing these elements at the elementary level, their hope is to socially radicalize children at a young age, thus making them more susceptible to propaganda once they become older.

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