Australia Has Fallen As Police Visit People’s Homes That They SUSPECT Are Planning Protests

Once one of the few bastions of freedom in the world even by Western standards, America’s fellow settler nation Australia has gained notoriety in recent months for enacting erroneous and repeated lockdown measures that not only cripple the economy, but may very well result in excess deaths in every other field of sickness. In fact, even the likes of communist China have expressed their concerns over the militarism behind Canberra’s burgeoning authoritarianism.

According to Summit News, the fallen Land from Down Under has effectively abandoned the spirit of the Magna Carta and have started paying visits to home of Australians, supposedly the descendants of rebellious prisoners, whom they so much as suspect of planning to attend future protests. Word is still out on whether the Morrison government has been mistakenly using Orwell’s book “1984” as a handbook rather than a precautionary lesson.

Australia regains status as prison island

In the above video footage, multiple police officers are seen wearing less-than-useful pieces of cloth around their faces while inquiring a fellow citizen if he had plans to attend an anti-lockdown protest sometime in the not-too-distant future. After the citizen mentioned that there should not be an issue with him as long as the police officers do not shoot him with rubber bullets as their colleagues did in the Australian state of Victoria, the police officers responded with expressing determination that those protests and their freedom-encouraging side effects did not make their way further across the country.

Australia also recently announced fines of up to 11,000 AUD for the crime of posting about freedom protests on social media, because freedom seems to be basically legal in Australia. What many might find even more surprising is that all of this has taken place under Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party government, which is supposed to serve as a right-wing ballast against the progressivism of the Labour Party who introduced a carbon tax when they last held power. Perhaps Brian Kemp can teach Morrison a thing or two on how to further disappoint his base.

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