Australian Insanity: New South Wales Requires Registration for Someone to Have a Visitor Over

New South Wales, a state in southeastern Australia, is requiring certain people who live alone and want to invite a visitor over to first register with the government.

On Monday the New South Wales health department announced in a tweet that single people living in a “local government area of concern” are allowed to have only one “COVID-19 nominated visitor,” also known as a “bubble buddy.” Both the resident and the visitor must register online.

“A nominated visitor is someone you can socialize with at your place of residence who: can only be one person, can visit you on more than one occasion, is not a nominated visitor for another person, and lives in or is staying within 5km of your home,” the registration page says.

The registration page also notes that each individual will need to keep a copy of the details. After all, it reads, they might need to show it to New South Wales police officers.

And then the page dutifully adds at the bottom that “penalties apply for breaching the Public Health Order or providing false or misleading information.” Those penalties include a fine up to $22,000 or a prison term for up to two years.

Big League Politics recently reported about the trending of #AustraliaHasFallen on Twitter amid the continued employment of totalitarian lockdowns and restrictions in response to COVID-19:

The country of Australia is undergoing the most Draconian measures to supposedly combat the spread of COVID-19 of any nation in the world right now.

The hashtag #AustraliaHasFallen is trending on Twitter to show some scenes from this emerging dystopia that will eventually be exported to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, leftists are posting pictures of their pets on the hashtag in an attempt to block knowledge of what is happening in Australia for the masses.

Liking your new normal yet, Aussies?

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