Australian Nightclub BANS ‘Starring’ Without ‘Verbal Consent’

The West keeps getting wackier in its attempts to combat sexual harassment. Now, a club in Sydney, Australia has just banned “staring” without “verbal consent.”

Earlier this month, Club 77 updated its “zero-tolerance policy” on harassment, stating “any engagement MUST being with verbal consent” including “staring at someone from afar.”

As The New York Post reported:

“Club 77 is not a place to come to if your sole purpose is to ‘pick up,” the club said on Instagram. “If you do come in and are approaching multiple people or giving unwanted attention to someone, you are going to attract the attention of our security, who have been instructed to stop this kind of behavior.”

It will be interesting to see how this ultimately affects business. Considering the influx of harassment claims that will be made due to this new progressive policy.

The club will utilize “safety officers” in “ pink hi-vis vest[s]” who have been “trained to handle complaints and concerns.” 

These officers have also been taught to “adopt a policy of ‘always believe the report’ in cases of harassment and feeling unsafe.”

Violators of this policy will be removed from the club venue.

More from The Post:

Club 77 said in the statement it will “encourage feedback” — which patrons were quick to provide, with comments including “RIP to social interaction” and “not allowed to look at people now….”

… Club 77 says it’s striving to provide a safe space for clubgoers, and is “committed to developing and nurturing a strong culture of consent.”

Some of the comments on the club’s Instagram have pointed out major flaws in the new policy, with one user asking, “don’t you have to stare at someone first to see them staring?” 

“Never before has the term ‘go woke, go broke’ been more appropriate,” another user wrote.

“The stupidity of these rules will guarantee that the only patrons to attend this club will be the snowflake generation,” said another.

Like the one commenter noted, this is a textbook example of Go Woke Go Broke, as it perfectly encompasses a delusional fairytale scenario that is ultra-safe and free from any possible shortcomings. 

Many expect this policy will fail miserably, and that the reports and “feedback” from disgruntled patrons will be heavily abused or misconstrued. 

Regardless, Club 77 wants to promote an environment where all its patrons are respectful, able to enjoy the moment, look after their friends, and understand the now complex arrangement of “verbal consent.”

Especially when it comes to staring – apparently.

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