Australian Police Raid & Arrest Muslim Funeral Attendees

Citizens in the nation of Australia have been living through extreme authoritarian rule for a long time now, with much of it escalating since the beginning around 18 months ago.

A recent post to Twitter on Friday by “Grayzone” editor & Co-host of Moderate Rebels Max Blumenthal showed police raiding an Islamic funeral and arresting attendees who were attempting to pay respects to their fallen family.

The funeral attendees were arrested for supposedly violating COVID-19 public health orders in the country, which remain extremely strict.

“Lockdown Under: police in Sydney, Australia raid a Muslim funeral and arrest four men while they paid respect to their deceased relatives…” wrote Blumenthal.

Australian police in the video can be seen harshly handling numerous people, presumably attendees of the funeral.

According to Australia’s ABC News, the four men arrested at the scene were supposedly violating draconian COVID-19 health orders, which forbid more than 10 people from attending an outdoor funeral.

Anwar Elahmad was one of the men taken into custody and felt that the treatment he and others received by the police and gone overboard.

“I find it extremely unfair considering what happened at the beach the weekend before …no masks, no heavy-handedness by police,” he said.

“You can’t help but feel we’re being treated unjustly … I find it disgusting and I find it un-Australian.”

“There’s no compassion, no mercy, there’s no empathy for us … the majority of people dying are from our areas, why can’t they increase it to 15 or 20 [people] because we have very large families.”

In a statement, the New South Wales Police Force said most people were left when told, but the four men were arrested for their refusal.

“Police worked with the family during this difficult situation. The family nominated the 10 people who could stay, the remaining attendees were asked to leave,” they said.

“The four men below refused to leave giving police no option but to arrest.”

Three of the men who were arrested for paying respects to their deceased family were fined, with the fourth charged on three counts of intimidating police and other offenses after allegedly threatening and abusing offers.

The government of Australia has become increasingly authoritarian in its practices, with an Australian state currently testing out a new app that uses facial recognition technology to ensure residents are complying with COVID-19 home quarantine orders.

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