Australian Public Health Chief Says Nation’s Draconian Vaccine Regime is about Creating a ‘New World Order’

Australian public health chief Dr. Kerry Chant admitted publicly that the country’s insane, draconian and unprecedented vaccine regime is about creating a “new world order.”

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order, and yes, it will be pubs and clubs and other things if we have a positive case there. Our response may be different if we know people are fully vaccinated so we are working through a number of those issues but we will have to reflect and learn,” Chant said at a recent press conference.

Her words can be seen there:

As Disclose.TV notes, globalist propagandists, referred to in Orwellian fashion as “fact checkers,” are working overtime to create rationalizations for Chant’s Freudian slip.

The fake news media is aggressively covering for Chant as well, suggesting that the term was used innocuously and that only conspiracy theorists would ever take alarm at the statement.

“Australia was striving to be Covid-free for much of the pandemic and so locked down its borders. Yet an outbreak of the Delta variant has seen New South Wales in lockdown since July. More than half of Australia’s population of 25 million are under lockdown at the moment, due to outbreaks in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory,” an article published at Yahoo News noted, which claimed to provide “context” for Chant’s remarks.

However, this is not the first time that Australia’s COVID restrictions have been described as the crowning of a “New World Order,” as Big League Politics has reported:

The Australian government has released a video meant to terrorize young people into complying with COVID-19 edicts, including the mandatory experimental vaccine.

They released this shocking propaganda video that is enraging individuals in the country who haven’t lost their souls to mass hysteria:

… It should come as no surprise that this type of propaganda is being produced right as the country announces the dawning of a “New World Order” publicly.

The mainstream media in Australia has officially announced that they are operating under a virus regime with no bedrock freedoms or civil liberties, and they come right out and call this the new world order:

... This agenda is not limited to Australia; it is being pushed throughout the entire world as part of the Great Reset. If the people of the world do not revolt and do so soon, they could be under the yoke of Big Brother permanently before long.”

Even as the globalists are brutally enforcing the one-world government, they will deny the reality staring the public dead in the face. These tyrants are taking gaslighting to a whole new level as they wage war on civil liberties.

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