Author of ‘Queer Westerns’ Deletes Pro-Terror Tweet, Then Whitewashes Profile With Puppy Pics

Hugo award winning author Sarah Gailey posted a Tweet on Sunday tacitly advocating for political violence against right-wing individuals, suggesting that the milkshakes being thrown by leftists ought to be replaced with bricks.

Blogger Matt Walsh archived Gailey’s offensive remark and let Twitter know about her flagrant violation of their terms of service:

Other users re-posted similarly violent remarks on Twitter that they uncovered on Gailey’s page:

Gailey may have deleted her pro-terror Tweet after feeling the heat, but she is still posting Antifa propaganda on her page to make excuses for recent gang attacks against journalist Andy Ngo.

After Gailey was exposed for her behavior, she flooded her Twitter feed with pictures of cute animals in an attempt to whitewash her ugly beliefs.

Gailey once described her writing as “queer westerns where the cowboys ride hippos instead of horses.” She has described herself as a “shrill feminist harpy” and “bad influence.” With her hate-filled remarks on full display, it is difficult to disagree with her personal assessment.

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