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Luke Rohlfing


CNN’s Jim Acosta: One Of Trump’s Crazy Supporters Is Going To Hurt Me [VIDEO]

In a recent interview, Jim Acosta of CNN railed against President Donald Trump's treatment of the media, stating that one of his crazy supporters...

Kanye West’s Tweets Are Making The Left Lose Their Minds

He's dropping red pills to an entire generation.

PROFILE: Shak Hill v. Beltway Barbara Comstock

In Virginia's 10th Congressional District, voters have a choice of either voting for more of the same, which they will get with their current...

EXCLUSIVE: All Of Starbucks’ Official Race Experts Worked For George Soros

Because of course George Soros is involved...

COHEN CASE: Meet The Soros-Buddy Ex-Playboy Bunny Judge

The Federal Judge preceding over the trial of President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, officiated George Soros' wedding in 2013. The Judge, Kimba Wood,...

LET THEM FLY: Jacksonville Mayor Vindicates Business Owner Attacked For Military Flags

After being ordered to remove military flags, the mayor of Jacksonville stepped in.

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Martha McSally Jokes About Exploding Saudi Wives

Insensitive jokes like this only serve to help the Democrats.

BETRAYED: Gorsuch Rules Criminal Immigrant Can Stay, No Deportation

Is Gorsuch just part of the swamp?

MATTIS: No Evidence Yet That Assad Responsible For Attack

But he still wants war with Syria.

Justin Amash Put Paul Ryan In Power, Now He Claims Boehner Was Better

His vote put the gavel in Paul Ryan’s hand

Trump Drops Final Warning: Missiles Will Be Launched At Syria According To His Tweet

Has the President forgotten all the advice he gave Obama?

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Destroys The Syria Warmongers

Carlson points out that the sheer amount of bipartisan support for war in Syria shows that "something deeply unwise is about to happen."

FBI Raids Trump’s Lawyer’s Office, POTUS Calls It “Disgraceful”

President Donald Trump called the raid "disgraceful" and stated that it was "an attack on our country in a true sense," and "an attack on what we all stand for."

Women’s March Rallies Behind Hub For Child Sex Trafficking

This might be a new low for them.

VIDEO: Young People Say They Will ‘Wipe Out’ Companies Opposed To Gun Control

Unless you support the left's anti-gun agenda they want you taken down.

UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel Boycott Reaches More Than Triple Its Goal

They have more than doubled their petition goal.

Jimmy Kimmel Boycott Reaches Nearly 30,000 Signers

The online petition has nearly 30,000 signatures.

Trump Tower Catches Fire, Liberals Laugh And Cheer

The left responded predictably.

GUN GRAB: Chicago Suburb Bans “Assault Weapons,” Standard Capacity Magazines

When the left says they aren't coming for your guns, don't believe them.

Trump’s FBI Shuts Down Backpage, A Hub For Human Trafficking

Trump is cracking down on human trafficking HARD.

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