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Phil Kiver

Phil Kiver is an Army Veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, a current doctoral candidate in Strategic Studies at Henley-Putnam University and an independent journalist.

Kiver: Why November’s Clean Coal Summit could prove the US, China are ready to...

With all the hostility between the United States and China, one area of common ground is a commitment to clean coal and moving away...

Kiver: Three things Capitol Hill Republicans can do to end war on conservative media

The mainstream media has been waging a war on conservatives for the better part of the decade, but the intensity is now at an...

Kiver: Rebuilding after Harvey, Irma & Maria proves need for Made-in-America steel

In 1861, the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia was the third largest steel foundry in America, but despite its capacity, the South was...

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