Authorities Recover “Human Remains” At Scene After Nashville RV Bombing

Law enforcement has reportedly discovered “human remains” at the scene of a bombing in downtown Nashville. A powerful explosion occurred outside of an AT&T building in the early morning on Christmas Day.

No one was killed in the blast, but three people were reportedly injured, with two police officers suffering hearing damages.

An ominous recording was heard minutes before the rigged RV exploded in a powerful blast- urging anyone nearby to evacuate the area for their own safety. Police had gone door-to-door instructing those in danger to evacuate the area as the warning went off.

Nashville Police had reportedly received a bogus report of gunfire in the area, in what appears to have been a ruse to draw the presence of law enforcement. The bombing at the scene of the AT&T building created telecommunications problems for users of the mobile network in Tennessee, and the Federal Aviation Administration has been temporarily forced to divert flights traveling to and from the Nashville airport.

Police still aren’t sure if a human was inside the RV that exploded when it was detonated, or what was used to cause the blast.

Federal and state authorities are still actively investigating a potential motive behind the bombing, and the situation is developing. Big League Politics is closely monitoring.

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