Aviation Industry Calls Out ‘HOSTILE’ Environment Vaccine-Injured Pilots Must Endure

CHICAGO – MAY 31: Two pilots walk through the United Airlines terminal at O’Hare International Airport May 31, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association mechanics union, representing 7,000 members, has accepted a new five-year contract and the 20,000 strong International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has agreed “in principle” to a new contract with United Airlines. The machinists’ union represents customer service personnel, ramp workers and baggage handlers. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

One of the biggest industries that fought against Covid-19 vaccine mandates was the aviation industry – more specifically pilots.

According to a report from Natural News, commercial airline pilots were routinely “disrespected, grounded, and forced to comply with destructive medical experiments” throughout the whole duration of the vaccination requirements controversy. Which forced many pilots into early retirement.

Now, there is a nationwide pilot shortage across the aviation industry. For example, American Airlines is ending service in three cities due to the phenomenon.

Some pilots eventually gave in to the “subjugation and coercion,” but others stood strong against the industry requirements. More and more pilots are now speaking out against the mandates because of the rarely talked about adverse effects like sharp chest pains, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes, and subsequent blindness.

These outspoken pilots are calling out the “hostile” environment that unvaccinated and vaccine-injured pilots must endure. Arguing that though they are required to be in tip-top physical shape, the Covid-19 vaccine saw plummeted pilot health overall.

Per Natural News: “Commercial airline pilots commonly report chest pains and are diagnosed with facial paralysis, myocarditis and pericarditis. Others are suffering from strokes, blindness, and heart attacks. When they speak out about their vaccine injuries, they are met with rebuke, slander, and censorship.”

“This culture of intimidation within the aviation industry has kept many pilots from coming forward about their symptoms,” the outlet continued. “This incites even more danger. As more pilots cover up their symptoms, they might not be able to make clear decisions, or they may have sudden health problems that interfere with their performance. Their crew and passengers depend on them.”

In an interview with the Defender, Glen Waters, a former Australian pilot for Virgin Australia, was terminated after 19 years of service for refusing to get vaccinated. Waters says that many pilots who were victims of vaccine injuries are afraid to speak out because they do not want to be labeled “anti-vaxxers.” Citing that “the company is actively trying to terminate anyone reporting vaccine injury.”

According to Waters, 900 pilots from Virgin Australia can no longer fly thanks to medical complications from vaccinations. He challenges the notion that the Covid-19 shots are “safe and effective,” sharing several examples of colleges who have come down with myocarditis, heart palpitations, and heart arrhythmia after being injected.

As Waters and many other outspoken pilots have said, heart inflammation and blood clots after vaccination in previously healthy individuals are becoming more common.

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