AWESOME: Good Guy With Gun Has No Regrets After Shooting Possible Pedophile Intruder

A good guy with a gun in Kentucky has no regrets after he shot a home intruder when the intruder undressed himself in the bedroom of a 12-year-old girl.

“He ended up getting six shots, period,” Ali Bracey told local news after the event.

Over the weekend, Donald Oliver allegedly entered the home of Tina Burton in Louisville, Kentucky, where he undressed himself in the room of one of Burton’s 12-year-old daughters. After the girl escaped the room, the intruder wandered into the kitchen, where he was instructed by Burton and her boyfriend Bracey to leave.

When Oliver refused, a struggle broke out. Burton gave Bracy a gun, which he used to shoot Oliver six times. Oliver was subsequently arrested and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He was injured severely enough to appear in court in a wheelchair.

Oliver was charged with burglary, assault, and possession of a controlled substance. Police found a small amount of heroin in a bag that Oliver allegedly dropped.

“Everyone has actually commended me on what I did. There hasn’t been any real backlash other than [Oliver’s] family,” Bracy told WDRB. “But everyone in the neighborhood has commended me on what I did.”

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