Axios Poll: Most Democrats Say Republicans are ‘Racist, Sexist, Bigoted’

Axios released an exclusive post Monday confirming what Republicans already knew – the mainstream press has brainwashed most Democrats into believing that Republicans are racist, sexist and bigoted.

The poll shows that 61 percent of Democrats would describe Republicans in such a manner, while only 31 percent of Republicans would do the same. More than half of Democrats also believe that Republicans are “ignorant.”

Republicans did outpace Democrats in the “spiteful” category, with 54% of them claiming that Democrats harbor spite. Each party is about equal in thinking that the other is “evil.”

Democrats appear to be far less tolerant of non-partisan relationships, too, with 14 percent saying that they would be “extremely disappointed” if a person in their family married someone of a different political party, while only 8 percent of Republicans said the same.

Conversely, 68 percent of Republicans would be unconcerned about this, as opposed to only 59 percent of Democrats.

Perhaps it is time to ask yourself: Which is the real party of hate and intolerance?

The left wing corporate media has been fomenting such sentiments against Republicans for decades. Those sentiments were explicitly rejected by President Donald J. Trump, who took the wind out of the media’s sails by refusing to cower to such name-calling and divisiveness.

Still, the press has persisted in its battle of identity politics.

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