B-List Actress Claims That If A Woman Has A Penis, It’s A Biologically Female Penis

Indya Moore, the star of the FX television series Pose claimed that “If a woman has a penis, her penis is a biologically female penis” on Twitter.


This is a belief that many on the left have, based on the idea that gender and sex are not connected, meaning that one’s given gender at birth isn’t necessarily the correct gender. Instead they believe that one can be born with male/female genitalia, and still identify with a different gender, which isn’t even constrained to male or female, but a broad spectrum of potentially infinite genders.

While some are showing their support for her statement, the vast majority of responses are negative.

One particular exchange between her and conservative teenager CJ Pearson ended up resulting in Pearson being blocked by the Twitter verified television star.


I’m sure CJ is deeply upset about being blocked by Moore.

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