B2 Stealth Bomber Damaged in Crash During Missouri Emergency Landing

A B2 Spirit stealth bomber was damaged in a crash landing in Missouri early on Tuesday morning at Whiteman Air Force Base. A spokeswoman for the US Air Force confirmed the aircraft had made an emergency landing at Whiteman AFB experiencing an “in-flight malfunction” during a training mission.

There were no personnel injuries and no fire associated with the landing,” said Jennifer Greene, a spokeswoman for Air Force Global Strike Public Affairs. “The incident is under investigation and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

The B2 bomber is one of the most expensive aircraft in the arsenal of the US military and in the world. One B2 bomber was destroyed in a crash in 2008 at Andersen AFB in Guam.

Satellite footage of Whiteman AFB’s runway revealed a work site around the aircraft, which appeared intact, skewed off of the runway in fashion suggesting a runway mishap. The left wing of the aircraft appears depressed on the ground.

The Federal Aviation Administration has placed a temporary flight restriction over the scene of the crash landing to “provide a safe environment for an accident investigation.”

With a total cost of over $2 billion dollars, the loss of a single B2 bomber could be enough to place a serious dent into the budget of the Air Force and the military. Only 21 models of the aircraft have entered into military service.

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