Babylon Bee CEO Offers $20K Cash Reward For Info On Boston Children’s Hospital Bomb Threat

Boston Children’s Hospital has made headlines in recent weeks for its gleeful promotion of “sex change” surgeries for minors. In addition to its other child abuse initiatives like “gender affirmation” therapy.

Libs of Tik Tok has been covering this hospital perhaps more than anyone else, and even released an audio recording of staff admitting to performing “gender-affirming hysterectomies” on female patients 16 years old and younger.

“‘Gender-affirming hysterectomy’ is a fancy euphemism for the carving out of girl’s reproductive system because she’s confused about her identity,” Libs of Tik Tok explained in her Substack post. “It is a permanent, irreversible procedure that makes it impossible for her to bear children later in life. These barbaric procedures on minors need to be criminalized.” 

Notably, Boston Children’s Hospital released a statement refuting the claim by the recorded staff member.

Following this developing saga, the hospital received a bomb threat that would eventually be deemed a “false alarm” by law enforcement. 

Leftist activists quickly blamed Libs of Tik Tok for the threat, citing her reporting as the cause for this person – whoever they are – to target the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon immediately jumped on Twitter to distance himself and Libs of Tik Tok – whom he is an investor in – from the controversy. Offering a whopping $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who made the bomb threat.

“Last night, police responded to a bomb threat at Boston Children’s Hospital,” Dillon wrote. “Thankfully, the anonymous caller was bluffing—no bomb was found. This was good news to everyone except the lunatic Leftists who can’t wait for something violent to happen so they can blame us for it.”

In Dillon’s 6-part tweet thread, he outlined that though he too believes what the Boston Children’s Hospital is doing to young children is criminal, he also has no patience for violence or threats.

“It’d make no sense whatsoever to threaten a children’s hospital in the name of protecting kids,” Dillon explained on Twitter. “I think the better explanation is that this bomb threat was a setup.”

In conclusion, Dillon offered the award: “One way or another, the anonymous coward who called in this threat needs to be exposed and face justice. To that end, I’m putting up a $20,000 cash reward to anyone who comes forward with information leading to his or her arrest.”

Per the CEO, individuals with credible information can send their tips to: [email protected]

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