Baltimore Cops Carried BB Guns to Plant on Unarmed Suspects

Police Officers in Baltimore, MD carried BB guns to plant on unarmed suspects, according to a recent corruption trial. Maurice Ward, who served in Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force, alleged that members of the force kept replica guns in their cars in case they “accidentally hit somebody.”

The Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force has the responsibility of taking illegal firearms off the city’s streets.

Ward served on the task force until he was charged and later convicted on corruption charges after robbing robbing suspected drug dealers and committing overtime fraud. He made the allegations against two other officers whose cases are currently being heard in Federal Court.

While Ward never stated whether the BB guns were ever used for their intended purpose, he did reveal other shocking accusations against members of the task force.

The trial revealed that officers installed illegal GPS trackers on suspects’ cars in order to make tracking them easier. It is also alleged that officers broke into a safe without a warrant, and after $200,000 they took out half the cash, and filmed the safe being open again showing $100,000.

Despite these shocking allegations against the department, the Gun Trace Task Force still remains an active part of the Police Force according to the Baltimore Police Department’s website.

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