Baltimore High Schoolers Take Day Off To Call For Gun Control

Twitter: Kevin Rector

In Baltimore, hundreds of high school students took the day off to call for gun control.

According to Baltimore Sun reporter Kevin Rector, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, as well as the Baltimore Police Commissioner and several city council members were present at the rally.

The students marched towards Baltimore City Hall shouting slogans like, “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Gun Violence Has Got to Go.” They also chanted “No Justice. No Peace. No AR-15’s,” a slogan reminiscent of Black Lives Matter riots across that have taken place across the country over the past few years.

“Enough is enough,” said Pugh, adding that she supports the students “1000 percent.”

Pugh also rallied the students to attend a national rally for high school students against gun violence which will be held on March 24 in Washington, D.C.

She promised to send 3,000 students to the rally.

“Let’s show Washington D.C. that Baltimore matters,” Pugh said.

Rector reported that the estimated cost for busing, school lunches, and T-shirts that Pugh promised the students for the trip will cost the city an estimated $100,000.

The residents of Baltimore will foot the bill for the mayor to push her leftist agenda, with the added bonus of brainwashing teenagers into hating gun owners and the Second Amendment.

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