Bank CEO Puts Forward Personal Carbon Wallets

Barbara Baarsma, the CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank, has recently advocated for the creation of carbon wallets that grant individual citizens “emission rights” and enable wealthier citizens to purchase emission rights from individuals who can’t afford air travel.

 Rabo Carbon Bank, is a division of Rabobank that lets its customers purchase and sell carbon credits. Tom Parker of Reclaim the Net pointed out that Baarsma made the announcement of her personalized carbon wallets proposal during an appearance on BNR Newsradio, a Dutch radio station.

“What if we now have all the remaining rights we still have when it comes to the emissions of CO2 equivalents, greenhouse gases?” Baarsma inquired. “If we just let everyone start the Netherlands distributing emissions rights and that every household or every citizen and amount get emissions rights until we have money.”

Baarsma put forward an idea on how these emission rights could be managed. She believes that wealthier individuals who desire to fly can purchase emission rights from individuals who don’t have the resources to use air travel. 

The CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank continued by noting that these personalized carbon wallets can give people who can’t afford to fly to acquire “a little more money” and listed out other ways wealthier individuals could still live lavishly by purchasing credits from citizens with humbler economic stature. 

“He lives in smaller rented houses and I live in a large house so I need more emission rights to heat my house and so people with a narrow wallet can also earn something from greening my number,” Baarsma stated.

Following the interview, Rabobank backed Baarsma’s remarks about personalized carbon wallets, albeit with the caveat that this proposal is still a thought experiment.

“We support this as a thought experiment,” a Rabobank spokeswoman proclaimed. “It’s not reality.”

Although this is a hypothetical proposal, carbon wallets are likely one of the many tools in the globalist technocrats’ toolbox when it comes to modifying people’s behavior. 

It’s no secret that the globalist class wants to eliminate vehicular transportation and have people live in packed urban environments such as pods. However, they can’t implement these programs right off the bat. 

They first have to incentivize into embracing globalist slavery. The personalized carbon wallet is one way they can accomplish this nefarious task.

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