Banned Fox News Contributor Is Now On Controversial ‘America Supports’ Billboard

Milwaukee, Wisc. — First ousted from Fox News Channel for his pro-Trump views by the new CEO (whose politically-correct sensibilities are making FNC look more like ABC), now the former sheriff of Milwaukee is once again stirring up controversy, this time for appearing on a billboard.

WISN 12 News in Milwaukee reported that a Washington-based conservative organization called BAMPAC, or Black America’s Political Action Committee, is paying for a billboard that reads, “America Supports Sheriff Clarke.”



Clarke resigned as Milwaukee County sheriff in 2017 to join a political action committee supporting President Donald Trump. Additionally, Clarke was floated for senior posts in the Trump administration.

He recently joined the advisory board of an organization called We Build the Wall. For years, Sheriff David A. Clarke appeared on Fox News as the token opposition Black Lives Matter, but then was effectively “banned” last year by the network.

The decision forshadowed similar firings, Judge Jeanine Pirro, who merely quipped U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab was a visible indicator she followed Shariah — the Islamic religious code so at odds with Western concepts of free speech and respect for women. For that, she lost her time slot and was temporarily unemployed, until an outcry forced the network to rethink.

Former White House official Sebastian Gorka was barred from Fox’s “hard news” programming after being more aggressively pro-Trump.

Clarke was canned after he spoke to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott in late 2017 about becoming a paid contributor, “no longer wanting to work for free for them while they made money on ratings off of him.”

The sheriff never heard again from Scott or any Fox News producers. “It may have had something to do with the very liberal Rupert Murdoch boy taking over after Roger Ailes and Bill Shine, who was in charge of programming, were let go. Ailes and Bill Shine liked the sheriff,” Clarke’s office wrote in an email.

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