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Bannon: Millennials Realize They’ve Been Screwed By The System



Steve Bannon said that millennials will comprise 50 percent of the populist movement going forward, because “they realize they’ve been screwed by the system.”

Bannon made his remarks in his Sunday night interview with Mike Cernovich, which Cernovich touted as Bannon’s best interview ever. Below is Bannon’s interview with Cernovich, followed by a presentation of Bannon’s film [email protected]

As original chief White House strategist, Bannon navigated various challenges pertaining to the chain of command in the United States, which thankfully has mostly been returned to proper military guidelines, undercutting the undue influence of the Deep State intelligence agencies. That Trump and Bannon navigated those challenges while still hiring a Cabinet, fending off Robert Mueller, and seeking peace and stability abroad, speaks to the commitment that some in the MAGA movement have already demonstrated to the cause.

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Now, the fight to protect and sustain President Donald Trump is an activity for the public square. Trump has built a massive new venue in which to test the boundaries of American civic imagination. The future of the country will be decided by the commoners and it will be decided by voters. Optimism prevails.

Bannon’s movie [email protected], presented below, picks up the moment President Trump won the election, when the mainstream media’s mocking attacks on Trump turned into flat-out unbridled rage — a rage that has only increased as Trump’s presidency succeeds.

What will happen if the dishonest Mainstream Media is emboldened with a House win? What will happen if our border is left un-secured and the Chinese return to upper-hand status in negotiations with the United States? What will happen if Republicans don’t get out and vote?

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Wisconsin Police Officer’s Home Attacked, Shot at by Mob of Leftist Protestors

They shot into his house, too.



A mob of “fifty to sixty” people attacked a home belonging to a police officer in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, over the weekend, terrorizing Wauwatosa Police Department Officer Joseph Mensa, physically assaulting him, and even going so far as to fire a shotgun into the private home.

In a description of the incident, the Wauwatosa Police Department explains that the sizable mob arrived at Mensa’s home at around 8PM on Saturday. Mensa initially had a “dialogue” with the leaders of the mob, only to retreat inside when he “was ultimately physically assaulted outside of his home.

Mensa stayed inside as the unruly and violent mob of leftist thugs attacked and vandalized the home. The report describes a single gunman as having fired a shotgun shell into Mensa’s backdoor, potentially endangering the lives of the currently suspended police officer and his girlfriend inside, in addition to children that reside inside the home.

Mensa described the incident in a Facebook post. He appears to have attracted the attention of the left-wing mob through his involvement in two police-linked shootings.

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I was unarmed and tried to defend my property and the property of my girlfriend. We were both assaulted, punched, and ultimately shot at several times,” he said. “There are children that live there any the knew that. The irony in all of this is that they chanted Black Lives Matter the entire time, but had zero regard for any of the black children that live there or me, a black man.

Wauwatosa Police have confirmed they’re anticipating further mob action at Mensa’s home. Officer Mensa has been cleared of wrongdoing in two previous police shooting incidents by the local district attorney, and a third is currently under investigation.

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