‘BanOut 2018’: Reddit Liberals Go Into ‘Phase 3’ Of Plot To Shut Down Trump Supporters

Left-wingers on Reddit have a formal name for their effort to ban President Donald Trump-supporting subreddits: BanOut 2018. The liberals have announced that they are now in “Phase 3” of the banning project.

Here is the Reddit thread.

Here is one choice quote from the Reddit thread: “Your comment was removed because it isn’t the phrase ‘I fully support banout 2018’ Feel free to make a new comment showing your support of this great cause.”

On Tuesday night, Reddit banned The Great Awakening, the second-largest pro-Trump subreddit on the platform.

Top Reddit moderators provided evidence to Big League Politics showing that more than 30 activists — including activists linked to Media Matters and the ACLU — coordinating in private conversations. Some of these activists posed as Trump supporters to post offensive content on Reddit.

BanOut 2018 is an even bigger project than some leftists want to admit.

“Every mod on that sub is a power mod who controls many defaults,” a source told Big League Politics, referring to BanOut 2018.

Here is the page for BanOut 2018:

TheSpeaker 2018 shows on Twitter how quickly anything related to the Q Anon movement — which interfaced with the Great Awakening subreddit — gets flagged and censored now.


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