Barack Obama Applauds Michigan Republican Lawmaker Calling for Vote Fraud Whistleblowers to Be Punished

Former president Barack Hussein Obama is applauding Michigan Republican lawmaker Ed McBroom, a state senator from Vulcan, for enforcing the Democrat vote steal in the state.

McBroom led the Senate Oversight Committee sham hearings last year where he abused his authority to attack vote fraud whistleblowers who were courageously giving their testimony. When that didn’t work shut them up, McBroom worked with Democrats and RINO Republicans on a report that set the basis for whistleblowers and their advocates to be punished in some manner under the law by vindictive LGBT attorney general Dana Nessel.

This has made Obama very happy, and he took to Twitter to praise McBroom for betraying his party, his country and his sacred honor.

“In the wake of the SCOTUS ruling further weakening the Voting Rights Act, take a look at how one Republican was subjected to harsh attacks from within his own party for simply acknowledging the validity of the election results in his state,” Obama wrote in a tweet – linking to a puff piece in The Atlantic praising McBroom’s “courage” for excusing a tidal wave of corruption.

“It’s more urgent than ever for Congress to pass robust new voting rights legislation—now,” the usurper commanded in a follow-up tweet.

Obama’s tweets can be seen here:

McBroom is far from the only oathbreaking coward in the Michigan legislature who sold his soul and is now enforcing voter fraud. State Senator Lana Theis (R-Brighton) also signed onto McBroom’s report and now she is featured prominently in Democrat campaign ads to demoralize Republicans in the state.

That Facebook ad from Progress Michigan can be seen here:

State representative Beau LaFave (R-Iron Michigan) recently called for attorney Matthew DePerno to be disbarred for challenging election fraud that he believes occurred in Antrim County, Mich., where severe irregularities were reported after election night.

Big League Politics has reported on how state representative Steve Johnson (R-Wayland) is laughing in the face of vote fraud whistleblowers as he hides crucial evidence from the public through non-disclosure agreements:

“One high-ranking lawmaker, Rep. Steve Johnson of Wayland, mocked the transparency efforts. 

“It’s a joke—it’s a wasted effort—it’s been a disaster,” Johnson said of the forensic audit in Arizona despite having no first-hand knowledge of the situation, adding that he is “not going down that road” of a forensic audit because he trusts that SPLC-affiliated Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson did a good enough job securing election integrity.

Johnson was rewarded as the head of the House Oversight Committee after he suppressed vote fraud whistleblowers in hearings last year.

The RINO lawmaker explained to 100 Percent Fed Up that he is making lawmakers sign non-disclosure agreements while viewing crucial election fraud evidence, in order to suppress the details from the public.

“No one’s saying they can’t look at the evidence. We’re just saying they can’t disclose the actual documents,” Johnson said, confirming that lawmakers “can’t actually disclose the documents” due to his cover-up efforts.

Johnson also trashed attorney Matthew DePerno, who has endured personal threats while fighting legal battles for electoral integrity in Antrim County where major abnormalities were found in the initial vote count.

“That just shows the level of utter incompetence that we have in our state legislature,” DePerno said in response to Johnson’s cowardly remarks, “This just shows that they’ve done no internal investigation into how much a forensic audit like this costs.”

The Michigan Republican state legislature has been forced to demonstrate the depths of their corruption due to the heroic fight for transparency by vote fraud whistleblowers, led by individuals like DePerno and former state senator Patrick Colbeck. The swamp runs deeper than anyone could have imagined.

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