Barack Obama Is Reportedly Concerned That Joe Biden Will Lose To Trump

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly worried that President Joe Biden will lose to former President Donald Trump in November. According to a New York Times report, Obama has had to take matters into his own hands by getting involved in propping up Biden’s lagging campaign. 

Biden has reportedly been on the phone with Obama regularly in an attempt to talk about the 2024 presidential election. Interestingly, Obama has been reportedly calling Biden’s chief of staff Jeff Zients and other leading aides to discuss campaign strategy. 

Obama’s increased involvement in Biden’s re-election bid reportedly comes at a time when there’s fear Biden can’t defeat Trump in November. A White House aide claimed that Obama has “always” been concerned about Biden’s ability to be re-elected.

As the presidential election is quickly approaching, Trump has been gaining on, if not outright leading, Biden in the polls. 

Biden is also facing low approval ratings and questions about his cognitive ability to serve in office. These factors make an Obama intervention more likely. Obama remains a popular figure on the liberal-Left who built a larger-than-life persona that could motivate otherwise shaky voters to get to the polls. He’s the embodiment of the multicultural, post-national ethos of the modern-day Democratic Party and is very much its shadow leader. 

At this point, Biden may have to turn to Obama to save his failing campaign. Whether this ploy turns out to be successful remains to be seen. 

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