Barr Really Seems To Love Robert Mueller

Attorney general nominee William Barr is not prepared to correct the injustice carried out by Robert Mueller’s special counsel team in the “Russia” case. (READ: Mueller Team Can Be Disbarred For Clinton Conflicts In Trump Case).

Barr said in his hearing Tuesday that he will not even allow the Trump administration to “correct” Mueller’s report before that report comes out, whenever it happens to come out.

Barr also said that Mueller would not be involved in any kind of “witch hunt,” which is false because Mueller is already leading a witch hunt. Barr also agreed with Rod Rosenstein on something.

This comes on the heels of Barr telling Lindsey Graham about his close personal friendship with Mueller, including the fact that Mueller has been present at two of Barr’s daughter’s weddings.

The conspirators hate acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker.

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