Barstool Sports Founder Launches New Shirts Mocking LeBron James’ Chinese Brown-Nosing

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy announced the release of new t-shirts in “honor” of NBA star LeBron James for “denouncing freedom of speech”.

On Twitter, the Barstool Sports founder revealed his new t-shirts which mock the NBA star and his tone deaf comments regarding Daryl Morey’s legitimate expression of solidarity with Hong Kong protestors.

He dedicated this shirt to all “Lebron fans who want to crush freedom of speech and oppress the masses.”

On the “Pro Lebron/Pro China/Pro Communism tshirt”, there is writing the below the image which says “F*** Daryl Morey” in Mandarin. Portnoy proclaims that these shirts will “sell like hotcakes in Beijing.”

But Portnoy did not stop there. He also launched “Lebron Civil Rights tshirt” for people to decide whether “they want to be a capitalist or a communist depending on how it affects your bank account just like Bron Bron does.”

The Barstool Sports Founder then went on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the release of these shirts and point out the hypocrisy of James’ comments regarding American and Chinese politics.

Athletes like LeBron James take for granted the civil liberties like the freedom of speech that they enjoy in the United States.

However, the bigger story about this NBA/China drama is the rising degree of Chinese influence in American business affairs.

Since China took off in the 1980s, it has become a major player in international economic affairs.

As a result, it has spread its influence far and wide, which has caused some concern for countries such as the United States.

Due to the authoritarian nature of the Chinese government and the many business norms imposed on American companies that do business in China, American businesses effectively adopt many of China’s authoritarian practices such as the muzzling of free speech.

This is on full display with the recent NBA/China drama where people are now questioning whether the NBA is under too much Chinese influence.

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