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Barstool Sports is Now Valued at $200 Million More Than What Jeff Bezos Paid for Washington Post

The new media is rising, and the legacy media is dying.



Barstool Sports, a sports blog that has grown to massive prominence by rejecting politically correct dogma, has been valued at a stunning $450 million, which is $200 million more than what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos paid for the Washington Post in 2013.

Penn National, a US-based Casino company, is buying a 36 percent stake in Barstool Sports worth a total of $163 million in combined cash and stock. They intend to launch a sports betting platform off of Barstool later in the year, and will use the brand in their casinos. Penn valued the company at $450 million after conducting their professional assessment.

The Chernin Group will be relinquishing their 60 percent stake of Barstool Sports as a result of the deal, which will be reduced to a 36 percent stake that matches Penn. Penn will increase their stake in the company to 60 percent and potentially bring another partner on board with an additional $62 million investment after three years.

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Barstool is soaring as the mainstream media falters. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million, and it is propped up largely due to the immense wealth of the globalist oligarch rather than actual consumer demand.

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As most sports brands have gone “woke” and embraced the leftist cult, Barstool has went in the opposite direction, and they are rising as their competitors implode:

The sports blog Deadspin, which is owned by G/O Media, is falling to pieces after an internal memo from management told writers to “stick to sports” due to a massive fan backlash against political content.

The entitled social justice warrior staffers have staged a revolt, with many quitting their positions rather than performing the jobs they were hired to do…

The Gizmodo Media Group union, which is apart of the Writers Guild of America East that unionized Deadspin writers last year, issued a message of solidarity to all of the writers taking a stand against doing their jobs.

“’Stick to sports’ is and always has been a euphemism for don’t speak truth to power,” they wrote, calling out G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller in particular for the policy.

“In addition to being bad business, Spanfeller’s actions are morally reprehensible,” the union claimed…

However, G/O Media claims that the changes they are making are in fact good for business. They are responding to market demand at a time when demand for “woke” sports media is in the toilet.

“In September, unsurprisingly, 24 of the top 25 stories on Deadspin were sports-related while non-sports content accounted for less than 1 percent of the page views on the site,” a spokesman for G/O Media said.

The spokesman added that “our writers have a free hand to cover the intersection of sports and politics, sports and pop culture, sports and business, or, frankly, just about any topic even tangentially related to sports.”

The market is deciding and that does not bode well for legacy media outlets and digital news sources that have embraced social justice dogma.


Make-A-Wish Vanderbilt Kicker Sarah Fuller Will Take Part in Joe Biden’s Inauguration




Vanderbilt University student Sarah Fuller, goalie for the women’s soccer team and erstwhile emergency kicker for the men’s football team, will be taking part in the inauguration of Joe Biden.

USA Today reports that Fuller will participate in a television program titled “Celebrating America,” which will be simulcast the evening of Inauguration Day on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS.

Fuller confirmed the news on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

“It’s an honor to be invited to participate in one of America’s greatest traditions,” Fuller tweeted with pictures of herself on the Vanderbilt football field. “This historic inauguration is especially meaningful for American women and girls. The glass ceilings are breaking and it is the time to #LeadLikeAWoman.”

Multiple guests will appear on the program in addition to Fuller. Tom Hanks is hosting and both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be giving speeches.

Back in November and December the mainstream media lauded Fuller for becoming the first woman to play and then score in a Power Five college football game. In her first appearance she squib kicked the ball to Missouri’s 37-yard line and subsequently hurried to the sidelines. In later appearances she made two extra points following Vanderbilt touchdowns.

Fuller became Vanderbilt’s emergency kicker after their starting and backup kickers could not play due to COVID-19 protocols.

Big League Politics previously covered the Sarah Fuller story, specifically the reaction of Jason Whitlock, a conservative-friendly sports writer who once worked for Fox Sports. Whitlock called her appearance a “Make-A-Wish” publicity stunt.

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