Barstool Sports Moves to Encrypted App Telegram to Protest Social Media Censorship

Barstool Sports, the popular uncensored sports blog, is migrating to the encrypted app Telegram after complaining of growing social media censorship by Big Tech.

They made a public service announcement on Tuesday telling supporters about how they are creating a profile on Telegram in protest of Instagram, the social media provider owned by Facebook that recently implemented new restrictions on content.

“Instagram has been continuously cracking down on what they deem is acceptable content on their platform,” Barstool wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday. “There are certain videos types (sic) that were ‘ok’ to post months ago that are now getting flagged as a violation of their terms of service.”

“In an effort to bring barstool fans the content they desire and are used to we have started a channel on Telegram where you will get all the videos that we can’t post here. It sucks we can’t post these videos on Instagram but we have to play by their rules or risk getting removed,” they added.

They will continue their presence on Instagram and other monopoly social media providers, but users on Telegram will get the premium uncensored content that is no longer permissible under the draconian regime of Big Tech. Barstool is already getting criticized by the far left for standing for freedom of expression.

Barstool is following many exiled dissidents from right-wing politics, who have used Telegram as a way to keep in touch with their supporters while facing a coordinated censorship campaign against them by powerful monolithic corporations. Journalist Laura Loomer, provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes are among the personalities who have joined to the platform.

Telegram has been demonized frequently by the fake news media in recent months as a consequence of supporting free speech and privacy rights on their platform.

“These methods of communication may not offer the same opportunities for fundraising and gaining mainstream influence, but extremists can continue to incite hate among smaller and more radical groups of followers in these spaces that are harder for researchers, journalists and law enforcement to track,” wrote leftist hack Nick Robins-Early in a HuffPo scare piece about Telegram.

“In one day, I found more than 100 channels dedicated to hating Jewish, Muslim, black, and Latino people; celebrating fascism and white supremacy; and posting memes that glorify Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan. Plenty have more than 1,000 subscribers. Every few days, many of these channels post lists of other similar hateful communities of users to join on Telegram,” censorship advocate April Glaser claimed in a Slate column.

No matter the demonization campaign from the fake news, Telegram will continue to become more inviting to individuals and media entities that are tired of Big Tech’s thought control operation. Bartool’s decision may be the beginning of a social media exodus to finally cut Silicon Valley down to size.

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