Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Exposes AOC’s Fundraising Scheme

BLP previously reported on Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy’s recent spat with numerous leftist activists on Twitter.

Portnoy gained controversy for criticizing his competitor The Ringer’s decision to unionize their staff. This drew a wave of Twitter outrage where left-wing journalists tried to sow discontent within Barstool Sports’ ranks and pressure Barstool workers into unionizing.

This Twitter squabble then pulled freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into the fray. In a tweet she stated that Barstool Sports could be sued for its supposedly anti-union actions.


However, no concrete action had surfaced that day, although Portnoy did challenge AOC to a debate on union policies.


But on Wednesday, August 14,2019, Portnoy revealed that AOC tried to fundraise off of this incident.

In a tweet, he posted two snippets of images coming from AOC’s email in which she attempted to monetize her Twitter squabble with Barstool Sports and its president.




Portnoy saw through AOC’s ruse and exposed her Twitter drama as a way to fundraise.

The president of Barstool Sports said, “For anybody wondering real reason O’CRAZIO Cortez @AOC decided to get involved in something she knows nothing about yesterday it shouldn’t be surprising shes using @barstoolsports as excuse to milk people for donations. She won’t debate me but she won’t shut up about me either.”

Despite not being overtly political, Portnoy demonstrated great poise throughout this encounter with left-wing journalists and the upstart Congresswoman.

He shows the value of never bowing down to online outrage mobs.

WATCH: Dave Portnoy on Tucker Carlson


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