BASED: Alex Jones Receives Standing Ovation During Appearance at TPUSA Event

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Infowars host Alex Jones received a standing ovation while appearing via video at a Turning Point USA event about the need to oppose Great Reset over the weekend.

“Alex, welcome remotely. I was told by all of the people. They go, ‘You can’t have Alex at your event,’ which makes me just want to have Alex even more!” Kirk said.

The ovation can be seen here:

Alex Jones has been pressured in recent months through malicious civil court cases that make a mockery of the 1st Amendment from a biased court system that is throwing out generations of established jurisprudence in an attempt to railroad his media operation.

Big League Politics has reported on how Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called the situation perpetrated on Jones a “political prosecution” as he fights for his freedom amidst Soviet-style show trials:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is speaking out in opposition to a recent court decision to make Infowars host Alex Jones pay for using his free speech in ways that are not approved by the regime.

Jones is on the hook for tens of millions of dollars for sharing conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook shooting. He was trotted out before a show trial where the leftist operative judge declared his guilt to the jury. Greene believes this is wrong and sets a bad precedent for free speech.

“You wanna know something? Somebody like Alex Jones – who did say some things…” Greene said during a panel at CPAC Texas.

“But yet he is being politically persecuted right now and being forced to pay out millions and millions of dollars.. And no one agrees with what he said, but what we’re tired of is the political persecution,” she continued.

“I’d like to know when the Democrats and the liars in the media and the people that canceled all of you and me on big tech – when are they going to pay all of us millions of dollars?” Greene added.

Her comments can be seen here:

In another tweet, Greene gave props to Jones for calling out the Clintons and their deep ties to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:

… What is being done to Jones is a Soviet-style attack on his civil liberties with ramifications that could destroy the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. MTG is right for speaking out against it.

The regime conspiring to destroy the rights of Alex Jones has only given him more credibility and mainstream adoration within the America First conservative movement. The cabal of globalist Satan-worshipping pedophiles cannot stop this juggernaut for truth and liberty. Long live Infowars!

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