‘Based Asian Invasion’ Explains How to Keep Populism From Being Co-Opted by Conservative Inc.

In a special edition of Big League Politics Live dubbed the “Based Asian Invasion,” podcasters Vince Dao and Albert Turkington gave tips on how to thwart inevitable co-opting attempts by big money to subvert American populism.

Turkington and Dao believe that institutions need to be built to supplant the infrastructure that has kept the Republican Party as controlled opposition for generations.

Dao works with the American Populist Union, which describes itself as a group of “conservatives standing for America’s workers and families” against “the interests of corporations, globalist elites, and foreign nations.” Turkington is the Policy Director for the Republicans for National Renewal, a group that advances “bold ideas with a foundation in American nationalism and populism” that are “in line with the spirit of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign.”

These groups are trying to prevent what occurred during the tea party era, when grifters and establishment operatives snuffed out any authentic populism within that movement very quickly, from happening to the nascent America First movement and Trumpism in general.

“We are the ones who just have to institutionally build and become the leaders of this movement,” Dao said.

“What we’re fighting for is ultimately a conservative government in America that is actually effective and actually does something, and at some point, it’s just going to have to be inevitable that we are eventually handed power,” he added.

“Perhaps even a two-pronged approach would work best where on one side we have people in more visible organizations…keeping an eye on members of Congress, Senators as well as people in state and local government making sure that at least the Republicans are getting on the America First bandwagon, and providing real tangible consequences against those who refuse to get on board or pay lip service to getting on board but then do less than nothing to the movement,” Turkington said. 

“And then at the same time, it might also be wise for other people to work more behind the scenes in the sense that their names won’t be associated officially with some of these more visible organizations, but they are nonetheless helping the movement by working within the GOP super-structure – first on the local level with district committee chair positions, GOP county chair positions, and slowly building the foundations locally to provide real political support for America First candidates for state and local government positions like state legislature, school board, state senate and then slowly moving up that way,” he added.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

Dao and Turkington regularly produce content that is available on YouTube and other video platforms. Dao’s videos be accessed here while Turkington’s podcasts can be accessed here,

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