BASED: City Commissioner Defends Association with Proud Boys After Liberal Smear Campaign

A city commissioner in Michigan is under fire from the fake news media and the liberal mob for his association with the patriotic Proud Boys group, but he is refusing to back down amidst the heat.

Fennville city commissioner Morgan Bolles defended his association with the Proud Boys during a heated city council meeting last week, claiming the organization’s reputation as a white supremacist hate group is based on a pack of lies.

Bolles was appointed to the seat because he was one of two individuals who applied for the position after former commissioner Danielle Brien resigned from her post in November. The rest of the council appointed him by unanimous fashion, and he was sworn into the position officially on Dec. 2.

Bolles was also criticized for wearing a shirt that said “Socialism is for f*gs,” with the last vowel in the word replaced with a fig leaf, and for having a past criminal record. He maintains that although he is imperfect, he will do his best to serve the public in his role in city government.

“I am by no means a perfect person and I make mistakes,” Bolles said. “The definition of one’s character is how they recover from those mistakes, though. I’ve grown a lot since then. I only wish to be allowed the opportunity to serve my community and give back.”

The fake news media criticized Bolles for defending the Proud Boys’ ethos to “venerate the house wife.” He explained that the sentiment is meant to promote the traditional family against attacks from feminists and other enemies of Western Civilization.

″… That’s not a demand that women stay at home, but the ones that do want to stay home, we should praise them for wanting to stay home — take care of our children — not going to a babysitter or anything like that,” Bolles said.

“I’ve never held hate for anyone, because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs,” Bolles added. “I care about people. I care about our community. Moving forward, I hope to prove that I am deserving of this seat and I promise to do my best to serve the city of Fennville and all of its people fairly and equally.”

During the contentious public meeting, Bolles had support from patriotic individuals in attendance.

“The first thing I want to say is how proud I am of my boy over there,” said Kyle Smith, a Fennville resident who was among the Proud Boys at the meeting. “This is targeted harassment, this is a joke.”

“As far as not being very (politically correct), the president of the United States isn’t very (politically correct), he’s said worse than Morgan has and he’s the president,” a public commentator said at the meeting in support of Bolles.

Bolles’ full speech at the meeting can be seen here:


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