BASED: Red Bull CEO Fires Executives Who Pushed for Social Justice ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Training

Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz has reportedly canned executives with the energy drink company who were pushing for leftist social justice training for “diversity and inclusion” to be provided to employees.

Stefan Kozak, the former North America chief executive, and Amy Taylor, the former North America president and chief marketing officer, are no longer with Red Bull after they attempted to inject liberal dogma into the workplace.

Additionally, Red Bull axed or dissolved culture and entertainment teams in the UK, Austria and Canada. They also stopped their Red Bull Music Festival and Red Bull Presents, the brand’s two major cultural projects. This came after Mateschitz allegedly said there would be no major layoffs in 2020.

Mateschitz, an Austrian billionaire who co-founded the energy drink company in 1984, is an outspoken Donald Trump supporter who has spoken out against the evils of political correctness.

“I don’t think he’s as much of an idiot as he’s made out to be,” Mateschitz said when he was asked about Trump in 2017, adding that he “simply needs time” to put America on its correct course.

“When you speak to Americans you often hear that they’re essentially happy to have a new administration. There was plenty to question about the previous one,” he added.

This comes in a response to a letter that was signed by 300 Red Bull employees bemoaning how the corporation wasn’t doing enough to promote the cause of racial justice.

“It is undeniable that many of the spaces Red Bull exists in and prioritizes, like hip-hop, dance, basketball, and electronic music, are born out of Black communities and Black culture. We absolutely cannot continue in these spaces, or continue to profess celebration of Black culture, if we have no intention of supporting the Black community while they are being treated unjustly and murdered in our streets,” the letter read.

“As we say nothing, we are abandoning the communities we claim to support and foster in their time of greatest need,” the letter continued. “Absence during a time that demands action, reveals purported support as nothing more than exploitation.”

Kozak expressed his sympathy to the views expressed in the letter addressed to Taylor and himself.

“I share these views and I applaud those who peacefully and courageously have made their voices heard,” he said in response.

However, Mateschitz put his foot down in response to Kozak and Taylor’s apparent sympathies for the far-left cause. He is not letting the social justice poison infect his business. It does not look as if the “go woke, go broke” axiom will not be applying to Red Bull any time soon.

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