BASED: Ringtone of Rittenhouse Judge’s Cell Phone is Revealed as ‘Proud to be American’ During Trial

During the ongoing murder trial of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder has repeatedly stood up to deceitful and treacherous acts from the prosecutors desperate to make an example of Rittenhouse for exercising his 2nd Amendment rights.

When his cell phone went off during court, it became obvious as to why Schroeder is so focused on protecting the basic rights of the accused. He is simply proud to be an American.

Schroeder’s ringtone was revealed as Lee Greenfield’s “Proud to be American” during court. It can be seen here:

Far-left demagogues and the fake news media have already started their attacks on Schroeder, anticipating that there is a good chance for Rittenhouse to be acquitted on murder charges:

Big League Politics has reported on the exemplary job performed by Schroeder during the Rittenhouse case, including his work to protect the jurors from intimidation from left-wing extremists at war with the rule of law:

Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder revealed during the trial of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse on Tuesday that the media was filming the jurors in the case, in what very well may be an attempt to strike fear into the hearts of the jury.

Schroeder stated that officers caught the individual who was taking the footage and forced him to delete it and said that further measures would be taken to secure the privacy and the safety of the jury as the case is heard.

“The officers approached the person and required him or her … I didn’t even ask … to delete the video,” Schroeder said.

“Something like that should not occur, and I am frankly quite surprised it did,” he added, saying the individual’s phone would be confiscated if something like this were to happen again.

This seemingly confirms the news that Black Lives Matter thugs, such as the nephew of fentanyl saint Dr. George Floyd King Jr., are intimidating jurors so that Rittenhouse is convicted regardless of the merits of the case…

The forces of civilizational destruction are in full effect to turn Rittenhouse’s case into a show trial. The rule of law is rapidly being replaced by rule of the jungle.

Rittenhouse’s potential acquittal would be a massive victory for justice in a country besieged by the terror of low IQ thugs. Schroeder deserves immense respect for refusing to fold and preventing the proceedings from becoming a farce.

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