BBC Diversity Hustler Finds Out Ancestor Owned Slaves

Alex Scott, current host of BBC’s Football Focus.

The BBC has been known for politically correct theatrics that makes many Britons question their objectivity, a quality that the BBC itself is keen to boast about. From barring White people from applying to a job opening in the Scottish city of Glasgow to simply selectively reporting news stories, the BBC is no stranger to the usual shenanigans the global mainstream media is so well-known for. More recently, the BBC was so fix-headed on making politically correct decisions that they failed to what their own standards would conclude to be a glaring imperfection.

According to Summit News, Alex Scott, a Black woman, found out on a British ancestry show that one of her Black ancestors in Jamaica owned over two dozen slaves around two centuries ago. This revelation left Scott egregiously dismayed, despite the show’s host comforting her by pointing out that it was not uncommon for Blacks to own slaves in the past. Scott was also apparently unaware that most Blacks in the Americas are descended from Africans who were captured by other Africans before being sold to European slave traders. Scott also seems to be unaware that slavery was sadly a nearly universal practice up to a few short centuries ago.

Scott was given the position of host on the BBC show Football Focus (Soccer in American), replacing Dan Walker, a White man, despite the fact that he had carried the show for the preceding dozen years and concerns that Scott’s appointment was based on her diversity credentials instead of actual merit.

While on the show, a historian explained to Scott, who was apparently trying to hold back tears following the revelation, that her great-great-great-great-grandfather, Robert Francis Coombs, had most likely been on the receiving end of relatively positive treatment in Jamaican society as a result of his relatively lighter skin color, a fact of life that seems to be the case even today.

“In terms of explaining my emotion behind it, I suppose that goes against everything that I stand for, who I am”, an emotional Alex Scott said, seemingly also unaware that in modern civilized society, the sins of one’s ancestors are not supposed to be able to be used against current descendants. And since Scott ticks off many politically correct checkboxes, it would appear likely that she will not face the same treatment native Britons would had they been in the same position as herself. Or even Thomas Jefferson for that matter. Incidentally, Alex Scott is also a staunch supporter of the subversive BLM movement.

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