Belarus Gives Refugee Status to Pro-Trump Patriot Under FBI Investigation in Overreaching Jan. 6 Probe

48-year-old former California resident Evan Neumann is finding safe haven in Belarus after being persecuted for his participation in the infamous Jan. 6, 2020 rally where some individuals entered the U.S. Capitol.

The FBI is hunting Neumann as part of their heinously unconstitutional probe into the 1st Amendment-protected activities of the Jan. 6 protesters. Belarus has granted Neumann refugee status after he was forced to flee the repression of the authoritarian and rogue U.S. federal government under delegitimized figurehead Joe Biden and his far-left commissars.

“I am very grateful, and it is bittersweet,” Neumann said of his refugee status in a video posted by Belarusian state media company, Belta, comparing the news to eating cranberries. “So, very happy and very sad at the same time.”

“Belarus is very nice,” Neumann stated, “and I feel safe in Belarus, especially compared to my compatriots in America.”

Neumann has received an official Belarusian identification document courtesy of the country’s department of citizenship and migration office. Neumann is planning to settle down in the country and enjoy the freedom that would have likely been ripped away from him if he stayed in America.

“Right now, my plans are to stay in Brest. I have started a life here. Now that I have a document, I would like to travel to Minsk. I have not seen that yet,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported on the cruel and inhumane treatment that Jan. 6 patriots are receiving from the federal government that harkens back to Soviet-era abuses of dissidents:

Congressional Representative Paul Gosar delivered remarks on Tuesday about a new report exposing the inhumane treatment allegedly endured by Jan. 6 political prisoners, stating that “What is being described by these political prisoners is nothing short of human rights violations,” National File reported.

“The physical conditions described by my friends of these inmates can only be described as inhumane,” Gosar said. “Lacking access to their earnings, to evidence, to their families, and even proper nutrition, these inmates are suffering disproportionately from long periods of isolation from the outside world.”

Gosar continued, “Many inmates continue to describe harrowing stories of being held in confinement for 19 to 20 hours a day, and only being allowed outside for a mere two days a week. They are being denied to right to attend chaplain or religious services, they aren’t even being allowed communion.”

Congressmen Gosar continued the monologue, pointing out that the vast majority of those being held in prison for charges and allegations related to the January 6th storming of the US Capitol had perfectly clean records for their entire lives until that very day.

“These are not hardened thugs, murderers, or gang members with long histories of crimes,” Gosar said. “These are not unruly or dangerous, violent criminals. These are dads, brothers, veterans, teachers. All political prisoners who continue to be persecuted endure the pain of unjust suffering.”

Questions as to why Attorney General Merrick Garland and others in the United States government are seemingly politically persecuting the protestors while also not allowing the public release of a massive amount of video surveillance were also brought up to the forefront.

While Belarus gives safe haven to this Jan. 6 patriot, Russia gives safe haven to freedom-of-information advocate and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Perhaps these nations should be called the new ‘lands of the free” now that America has fallen so hard and so fast.

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