Belarus Leader Alexander Lukashenko Defends Shutting Down, Liquidating “Scum” Globalist NGO’s

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is putting the globalists on notice, telling them that their system of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) will be wiped out in his nation.

“We’ll massacre all the scum that you have been financing. Oh, you’re upset that we’ve destroyed all your little structures. Your NGOs, whatever they are, that you’ve been paying for!” the controversial leader declared when being questioned by a BBC reporter.

“We didn’t touch people who worked for the good of Belarus, who helped people. But the people who used your assistance, got funding from you and smashed everything up here…your people you saw here in Minsk. If we haven’t liquidated them already, we will do so in the near future,” Lukashenko added.

His comments can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Lukashenko fought off the color revolution coup that the globalists attempted to pull off to overthrow his government after dubious accusations of election fraud:

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is declaring victory after withstanding a color revolution attempt by the globalists, which was led by operatives of infamous leftist oligarch George Soros.

“The blitzkrieg did not succeed. We held on to our country,” Lukashenko said of the coup attempt orchestrated against his people.

“Despite the tensions in society artificially created by external forces, we survived,” he added. “We have to resist at all costs. And 2021, this year, will be decisive.”

Lukashenko came under fire from the globalists for refusing to adhere to COVID-19 mandates. Despite ignoring the advice of public health officials, Belarus has not suffered any major spike in COVID-19 cases. This has flown in the face of the talking points from disgraced Big Pharma shills like Dr. Anthony Fauci. This has resulted in the globalists trying to perform a Gaddafi on Lukashenko.

“If some don’t like 80, let it be 76 or even 68!” he said. “But we won it anyway, we were backed by an overwhelming majority.”

The globalists claimed Lukashenko stole an election despite no evidence proving this claim, and then a bunch of lesbians and homosexuals occupied the streets for months in an attempt to promulgate a revolution against Lukashenko. The people of Belarus were too strong and intelligent to fall for the globalist gambit.”

Lukashenko, for his faults, is one of the few rulers with the intestinal fortitude to stand up against psychotic globalist authoritarianism. For this, he deserves to be applauded.

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