Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko Floods Iraqi Migrants Into European Union as Payback for Coup Attempt

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko is flooding Iraqi refugees into the European Union as payback for the recent unsuccessful color revolution coup that was launched upon the country.

“Lithuania says a state of emergency could be declared if the situation gets worse. Meanwhile, we received information that Belarusian authorities have not only opened [the] Belarus-Lithuania border for illegal immigrants from Iraq, but are actively involved in trafficking. The scheme involves Tsentrkurort travel company (controlled by Lukashenko) and Iraqi Airways,” NEXTA editor-in-chief Tadeusz Giczan wrote on social media.

“Hundreds of Iraqis arrive to Belarus every week. The number of flights from Baghdad to Minsk doubled in the last month (from 2 to 4 per week + they replaced Boeing 737 with a larger 777). At Minsk Airport no one checks the Iraqis who booked with Tsentrkurort, they automatically get entry visas,” Giczan added. “Then they get to the border and Belarusian border guards help them to get to Lithuania. The service costs $3-6k. Middle Eastern students in Belarus say more and more people in Iraq and Syria are becoming aware of the new scheme and are planning to get to the EU via Belarus.”

Lukashenko is transporting Iraqi refugees in his country to Minsk where he will reportedly assist them in illegally crossing the border into Lithuania. Lukashenko has promised to “flood the EU with drugs and refugees,” and he is seemingly living up to his words.  

Big League Politics has reported on how Lukashenko fended off the coup attempt that was promulgated on his nation by foreign powers who used false accusations of election fraud to spur the uprising:

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is declaring victory after withstanding a color revolution attempt by the globalists, which was led by operatives of infamous leftist oligarch George Soros.

“The blitzkrieg did not succeed. We held on to our country,” Lukashenko said of the coup attempt orchestrated against his people.

“Despite the tensions in society artificially created by external forces, we survived,” he added. “We have to resist at all costs. And 2021, this year, will be decisive.”

Lukashenko came under fire from the globalists for refusing to adhere to COVID-19 mandates. Despite ignoring the advice of public health officials, Belarus has not suffered any major spike in COVID-19 cases. This has flown in the face of the talking points from disgraced Big Pharma shills like Dr. Anthony Fauci. This has resulted in the globalists trying to perform a Gaddafi on Lukashenko.

“If some don’t like 80, let it be 76 or even 68!” he said. “But we won it anyway, we were backed by an overwhelming majority.”

The globalists claimed Lukashenko stole an election despite no evidence proving this claim, and then a bunch of lesbians and homosexuals occupied the streets for months in an attempt to promulgate a revolution against Lukashenko. The people of Belarus were too strong and intelligent to fall for the globalist gambit.”

In resisting the color revolution coup and rejecting COVID-19 hysteria, Lukashenko is emerging as an inspiration for resistance against globalism, and now, the EU will have to pay for what they tried to do to his people.

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