Belarusian Official Says West Left Country No Choice But to Deploy Russian Nukes

A prominent Belarusian security official claimed the Collective West had left Belarus with no choice but to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons on its territory.

According to a Press TV report, Belarus had returned its nuclear arsenal to Russia following its secession from the former Soviet Union in the 1990s.

On May 28, 2023, Alexander Volfovich, the state secretary of Belarus’ Security Council, said the decision to return nukes to Russia made sense at that juncture due to how the United States had provided Belarus with “security guarantees” and had not sanctioned the country.

“Today, [however] everything has been torn down. All the promises made [by the US] are gone forever,” Volfovich was quoted by the Belta news agency during a televised interview.

“The deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is, therefore, one of the steps of strategic deterrence,” the security official stated.

He also cautioned the Collective West not to test Belarus’ strategic patience, declaring, “If there remains any reason in the heads of Western politicians, of course, they will not cross this red line.”

On top of that, Volfovich stressed that any attempt to use “even tactical nuclear weapons will lead to irreversible consequences.”

Towards the end of March, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country was getting ready to install tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus to broaden its scope of strategic influence and bolster its deterrence in the face of NATO’s increasing levels of military aid to Ukraine. 

Putin also noted that Russia will build a special storage facility for its tactical nukes in Belarus. The construction of this facility is expected to be finalized by the start of July.

Putin also called attention to how the deployment would not violate the nonproliferation agreements, pointing out that the US had its nuclear weapons stationed in Europe for multiple decades.

Back in April, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that Belarus was prepared to host Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons, declaring such an action would demonstrate the two Slavic nations’ willingness to defend their “sovereignty and independence.” 

“I and Putin can decide and deploy strategic nuclear weapons here, if need be,” he said to the country’s elected officials, continuing, “We will stop at nothing to protect our nations, our states, [and] our people.”

Lukashenko subsequently hoped, alluding to hawkish American officials, that this deployment of nukes would “sober up all the hawks across the pond for a long time.”

Shortly thereafter, Russia’s ambassador to Belarus said Moscow is committed to transporting its tactical nuclear weapons close to the border with Belarus, placing them closer than ever before to NATO.

The weapons “will be moved to the western border of our union state and will increase the possibilities to ensure security,” Boris Gryzlov said to Belarusian state television, continuing, “This will be done despite the noise in Europe and the United States.”

The US and its satrapies in NATO have already manifested their concern about Russia possibly sending tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. United States President Joe Biden had described this prospect as “worrisome.”

Putin scoffed at the West’s concerns here noting that “There is nothing unusual here … the United States has been doing this for decades. They have long deployed their tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of their allied countries.”

What’s happening in this case is the logical result of NATO encroachment. The Collective West is learning firsthand about the dangers of having a unipolar mindset in a multipolar world. Nuclear power poles like China and Russia are willing to respond in a firm fashion against any encroachments by the Collective West. 

At some point this could potentially get kinetic. We should not try to test the Russians’ limits in this case.

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